And Here’s One I Made Earlier #1

This mix is the first in what I hope, at least, will become a series and it very much lives up to its title, in that it’s a mix I made for a small group some years ago. Listening to it this morning made me realise how well it’s held up so I think it’s worth posting again. I hope you agree. There are some particular favourites in this mix so I urge you to listen all the way through.

And Here’s One I Made Earlier #1

Low – Over the Ocean (Re-Remix Of Tranquility Bass ’91 Party Dance Mix)
The original is classic Low – fragile, mournful and barely there. With the addition of a bass and vocal over-dubs the effect is transformative and “Over the Ocean” shimmers with a very different kind of beauty.
(From owL remix Low 12″, Vernon Yard, 1998)

Susumu Yokota & Rothko – Path Fades Into Forest
Hollow beats and Mark Beazley’s nervy bass cast a pall over the already unsettling body of the track supplied by Yokota. One of the highlights of their collaborative full-length.
(From Distant Sounds of Summer cd, Lo, 2005)

Snooze – Snooze for Beginners
The low-end strings are more than a little reminiscent of “Unfinished Sympathy”, but I’ll file that as a pro, not a con. This track is all about the methodical build-up to those strings which, when they enter, feel like a massive release of breath.
(From Going Mobile cd, SSR, 2001)

Bent – Invisible Pedestrian
The dominant theme on “Invisible Pedestrian” is Bent’s trademark live beats, but there’s so much more going on here besides as warped synths and a burbling bass conspire with the percussion to mesmerise.
(From Programmed To Love, Sport, 2000)

Max Mohr – Old Song
Old Song, old school. Max Mohr turns back the clock in this heavily 90’s influenced piece, with straight-up beats underpinning all kinds of wonky layers, to  wonderful effect.
(From Trickmixer 12″, Playhouse, 2004)

Lindstrøm – There’s a Drink In My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady, Pt 1
This version of Hans-Peter Lindstrøm’s epic is from Box Jams, and I included it over the original from a purely practical, time-saving point of view. The 15 minute original 12″ version incorporates both parts on one side of vinyl and is an even greater beast. Wholly worth owning in its own right too – all the more of this Can and Moroder inspired collage of disco hooks, middle-eastern flourishes, and bleeping accents to get down to.
(From Box Jams Pt 1 cd, Clone, 2005; original (highly recommended!) on There’s a Drink in My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady 12″ Feedelity, 2004)

The Avalanches – A Different Feeling (Ernest St. Laurent remix)
Vastly departing from the original, this remix has more sheen and polish than a barrel of lip gloss. The house grooves, sleek and poised, glide over the twirling bassline all the way ’til the glorious breakdown. Stunning.
(From Electricity 2×12″, XL, 2001)

Tantra – (A Place Called) Tarot
Like Cherrystones, The Idjut Boys are master crate-diggers and re-jiggers. Here they unearth a lost disco gem from 1982, extend the intro to a teasing, breathy and very sexy prelude to a paean to a night on the tiles.
(From Press Play cd, mixed by The Idjut Boys, Tirk 2005)

Johnny Harris – Odyssey (Zongamin re-edit)
This is disco at its most funky, brash and well, weird. The thrumming motif is punctuated with screeching synths. Subtle, it certainly is not. Incidentally, this track first appeared in the “Space Rockers” episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and Harris also composed for Wonder Woman. Now that’s what I call pedigree.
(From OST: Original Block Party Edits cd, EMI, 2006)

Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas – En Dag i Mai
L&PTs laid back s/t debut album was different in tone to the 12″s that preceded it and at the time took many fans by surprise. In my case that surprise was a welcome one, and though En Dag i Mai is maybe closer in style to those earlier singles than other tracks on the album, it still has that expansive spaced-out sound that signified the album.
(From Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas cd, Eskimo, 2005)

Minilogue – Certain Things Around You, Pt. 2
Cleverly borrowing from Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place”, this is as eerie as it is intriguing. The stifled, muzzled vocals struggle to break free of the strangely hollow and downright creepy sample as the deep minimal beats keep both pinned down. This was the single that brought Minilogue to wider attention and every one since has been a winner.
(From Certain Things 12″, Traum Schallplatten, 2005)

Hot Chip – Crap Kraft Dinner
Ah, Hot Chip, how I used to love you way back when you produced oddball pop, when you were geeks whom I seriously could picture pumping Yo La Tengo whilst cruising down the street. These days I’m a bit burned out on Hot Chip but still go back to Coming On Strong, and in particular this track. Despondent and bitter with plenty of cheese in that saxophone outro, it’s one of their finest moments.
(From Coming On Strong cd, Moshi Moshi, 2004)

Chequerboard – Konichiwa
Chequerboard is Dublin musician John Lambert, and his Dictaphone Showreels EP was the rich, sentimental follow-up to the sparse Gothica album. Konichiwa possesses all the nostalgia of the rest of the EP, but with desperate – and beautiful – sadness. One to treasure.
(From Dictaphone Showreels cd, Lazybird, 2005)

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4 Responses to And Here’s One I Made Earlier #1

  1. Colin says:

    Thanks a million for this. Downloading now!

  2. Martin Foyle says:

    Great mix, more please!

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